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a sustainable difference

creating sustainability, cleaning waterways, and increasing biodiversity in urban areas. where green infrastructure literally comes to life.


A sustainable company creating stunning green landscapes & engaging projects

ecospaces designs, installs and maintains green products that incorporate innovative technologies such as green roofs, green walls, solar panels, permeable pavers, beehives, butterfly habitats, bird houses and water features - in an effort to increase biodiversity and sustainability in urban areas. We also install rain barrels and rain gardens, and offer environmental consulting services.

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We enjoy working on the services and products we provide as much as you need them. This helps us to easily deliver your goals. Browse through the wide range of services we provide.

Green Roofs

Rain Gardens

Permeable Pavers

Rain Barrels

Solar Panels

Bee Hives & Butterfly Habitats

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Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.

Albert Einstein

[We] are the makers of our own state and individuals who realize the fact need not to wait for collective action.

Mahatma Gandhi

Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife, are in fact plans to protect man.

Stewart L. Udall

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