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a sustainable difference

creating sustainability, cleaning waterways, and increasing biodiversity in urban areas. where green roofs literally come to life.


A sustainable company creating stunning green roofs & engaging projects

What We Do.

ecospaces designs, installs and maintains green roofs that incorporate innovative technologies such as solar panels, beehives, butterfly habitats and water features. In an effort to increase biodiversity and sustainability in urban areas.

Our Mission.

our mission is simple, to create sustainability in urban areas. by capturing a meaningful amount of storm water - ecospaces vows to help clean our waterways, and increase biodiversity in DC and the surrounding metro area.

Why Choose Us.

ecospaces is an accredited GRP business with over 7 years of hands on experience. We have a passion for sustainability that bleeds into our projects. We've meteciouslily created our own products which helps us streamline the process - from design to install.

Our Products.


Mineral Wool Green Roof System
Experience +M


Conventional Green Roof System

We enjoy working on green roofs as much as you need them. This helps us to easily deliver your green roof goals.

Our Services.

Why choose Us?


ecospaces is passionate about the design of our projects. Being involved in the design process allows us to better execute the final product. We have in house designers that can help you tailor your storm water management or planting goals!

Why choose Us?


We have over 7 years of hands on experience installing green roofs. +M and e are our own, meticulously designed products which helps make installs seamless. With over 25,000 sf installed, no project is too small or big. We also install modular systems upon request.

Why choose Us?


Your green roof is a living, breathing organism! Have you given it the care it needs to thrive? There is no such thing as a no-maintenance green roof. Let ecospaces help keep your green roof healthy and vibrant! Check out our services here

Green Roof Professionals

We design, install and maintain green roofs in the DC area
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Washington DC:
800 4th St SW #S424
Washington, DC 20024

Phone: (202) 681-3402
Email: info@ecospacesdc.com

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